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Sean O’Grady Football Highlight Reel

This is a great example of one of our sports highlight reels. This is a basic template with a main menu, a highlight reel section, a full game, and a stats menu. This is exactly what you get with a basic package. This is also how you would see your preview, and it represents exactly


Dana Point, California at Sunset

This is a photograph I took in Dana Point. I had all my gear in the car and was in the area so I thought I would run down and take some photos and video. I had expected a bit more clouds but they blew out just before I got there. It still looks good


Idyllwild Valley California May 2010

This was shot towards the end of a 9 mile hike that started at the Palm Springs Tram and ended with a cold beer in Idyllwild. We started out at about 8500 ft climbed to 9700 ft, this shot is from about 8880 ft and from here we dropped to 5500ft in a hurry. This panoramic was shot vertically with 5 images combined into this composition using Photoshop.

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